[LMB] We Need a Word For This

Marc Wilson marc.wilson at gmx.co.uk
Wed Jun 9 18:07:19 BST 2021

On Wed, 9 Jun 2021 02:13:43 +0000, Gwynne Powell
<gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:

>From: Kathleen Morrison <kathleen.morrison at gmail.com
>I'm afraid that's now your job to create that word...
>Gwynne: No no no, I've done my part by identifying the problem.
>Solutions are a different department.

"Once the rockets go up, who cares where they come down?
 That's not my department", says Wehrner von Braun.

There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth.  We are all crew.  - Marshall McLuhan

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