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Suddenly, the suggested option, tapping the center of the screen, started to work.
Beats me as to why. Some other things on my Fire changed recently. Maybe there was an upgrade.
Thanks to those who posted with suggestions.
The first article I read was an update on the Fermi paradox and the next concern the effect of space based internet satellites on ground based astronomy.
The latter could provide some material for a post apocalyptic story.

Christian, husband, father, granddaddy, son, American. Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me.
William A Wenrich
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>Indeed I have. The instructions, however, only work for books (and I already knew how to adjust fonts and sizes for them) not for magazines. I can’t get Analog out of the two column mode. There is supposed to be something called immersive reading that is more like what I use with books. I can’t get it to turn on with the magazine. I mean the controls aren’t there.
>Christian, husband, father, granddaddy, son, American. Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me.
>William A Wenrich
Well, I don't use an Amazon Fire; I use a Ninth Generation Kindle Vista,
and I do not subscribe to Analog on it (though I probably should). I do
subscribe to _The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction_ on it and it
comes up single column, and as far as I could see this was the only
choice. Have you tried holding the Fire portrait-mode rather than


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