[LMB] ListBiz: How is everyone doing?

Michael Bauminger lmblist at mikebomb.com
Wed Jun 9 22:00:42 BST 2021

On 6/7/2021 11:36 AM, WILLIAM A WENRICH wrote:
> As the vaccination numbers go up and the restrictions go down, how are all you people doing?

I had Covid in March 2020 - thankfully a mild case, with one day of 102 
F fever - and have been having to observe all the restrictions while 
being effectively unable to give or get Covid for the last 15 months.

I still got the J & J shot just because I was planning a trip and wanted 
to make sure that I would be under the fewest possible restrictions, 
even though the latest data, and all the data out of Israel, has shown 
that natural immunity is at least as protective as the vaccine.

I had a sore arm for a week from the vaccine.

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