[LMB] ListBiz: How is everyone doing?

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The Village at Gainesville, my retirement center, has just announced that starting immediately, any fully vaccinated residents need not wear masks indoors anymore or keep 6' distance, and all facilities would be open at 100% occupancy."

"No mask? NO MASK!!!"
      Camilla, in The King In Yellow
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> Last Thursday we had our first in-person choir rehearsal (with masks!)
> since the shutdown, and recorded the anthem for the Sunday video service
> ... but, in the interim, our choir director and her husband (who's our
> video guru among other things) had an arrangement where individual choir
> members recorded their parts of an anthem following a "click tape" (so that
> everyone's tempo would match) and sent the recordings to Linda to be
> combined into a single recorded anthem. Usually sounded okay (though not as
> good as what we do together with a director) and more importantly kept us
> engaged and in practice throughout the shutdown.

Our social-justice community choir here in Toronto have now not
rehearsed live since March 2020. We have been rehearsing over Zoom,
recorded our parts of three songs to a click track just as you did, and
combined them with some older video to put a combined concert up on
YouTube. Anybody can watch/listen at commonthreadchorus.ca/concerts
until 26 June. I'm the bearded guy in the plaid shirt on the newly
recorded  songs (not really new to us, but the recordings are.)

Hoping to resume live in September, but next January is more likely.

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