[LMB] Cordelia's Collegiate Sport?

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(the literature list in the end should give sufficient further pointers)

(i love the coriolis fountain depicted in this article)



Am 11.06.2021 um 11:14 schrieb Raymond Collins:
> I wonder if there ever have been  studies of how centrifugal gravity
> effects humans. I'm sure that spin induced gravity will effect people
> differently then mass induced gravity.
>        Science fiction writers always assume that people will have no
> problem adjusting to centrifugal gravity. However I'm not sure that's the
> case. They might step off the shuttle collapse and barf all over the deck
> because their inner ear may not process what's happening.
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>> Am 10.06.2021 um 20:30 schrieb Gwynne Powell:
>>> From: markus baur <baur at chello.at>
>>> there might be an unmentioned orbital habitat - something like a O'Neil
>>> cylinder where rotational gravity is so low two allow direct human
>>> flights (wings on arms)
>>> servus
>>> markus
>>> Gwynne: Not the kind of Orb I was thinking about....
>> "there might be an unmentioned orbital habitat"
>> servus
>> markus
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