[LMB] An interesting crossover

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The tipping point in that scene was when Vodarian said that he would never stop and would continue to fight forever. That made his death the only answer.

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Looking at the famous shopping trip, and the end of Vordarian.
"You can't do-"  and she cut his head off. Didn't bother to let him
finish the sentence.

And the other day I remembered some wisdom from another favourite
author. In one of Terry Pratchett's Diskworld books (the one with the
gonne, I think - forget the title right now, mind's a blank) there was a
comment that a bad man will talk and talk, but a good man will kill
without hesitation. If a good man decides you need to be dead, he just
kills you. A bad man gloats, boasts, chats, etc.

And when Cordelia killed Vordarian, she didn't stop for a conversation.
He didn't even get to finish the sentence. He needed to be dead, so she
took care of that. So.... Cordelia is a very good woman.
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