[LMB] Happy Birthday, Gretchen Wright!

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Sat Jun 12 11:20:36 BST 2021

Having heard John Masefield's call ["I must go down to the sea again"], today you're exploring the ocean of Sergyar.  At first you're unsure about the whole thing.  The craft to which you've been rowed looks distinctly dubious at best.  The sails look competently rigged, but the equipment's obviously seen some wear.  Perceiving you noticing something different about the rigging, your companion, hitherto taciturn, waxes eloquent about how a day's sail will, with a combination of  kinetic and solar energy, charge up the craft worth a treat.  Tacking around the bay for a few hours, you savor the scenery.  In the distance, amaranth and aubergine cliffs tower over dancing waves of turquoise and teal.  The closer view is none too bad, either.  Your companion is active and vigorous, quick with a quip, but also gifted with silence, to let you enjoy the variable breezes sending clouds scudding.  Since you've thought to apply sunscreen, you're able to help some, but otherwise enjoy the sun, the breeze, the basket of cooled snacks, and whatever other scenery you choose.  

After a few hours, the clouds move a bit faster, the winds pick up, and the light changes.  The teasing teals and turquoise of the waves transmute to indigos and midnights.  After anchoring in the lee of a nearby island, your companion says it's time to go below to ride out the storm.  Whereupon you behold that your sailing ship was the top deck of a bathyscaphe, with the most amazing viewing chamber below.  It has several levels, so you're able to observe all the creatures, plant, animal, and otherwise [this *is* Sergyar, after all].  It's strange to see jellyfish-like creatures in the water, rather than in the air.  The chamber's large enough, you really get a feel for the variances in the different depths.  To your further astonishment, you see a creature that--is that color *octarine*?  Your companion's surprised, but pleased.  There's not many get to see that.  With so much to see, marvel at, and do [I won't tell, if you don't  ;)], the hours pass quickly and most agreeably.

After the storm, you [in properly protective footwear] stroll along the beach, to observe what the storm has brought.  The sand is the most disconcerting mixture of blues and purples [even more than this prose].  Among the stormwrack is what you take to be a large piece of driftwood.  You're rather discombobulated when it begins to break up and move away, but are told that these whatsits combine to float out storms, then resume their normal operations.  Invigorated by your day's adventures, you return to town for an evening of celebrations and fireworks.

May your day be lots of fun!


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