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> If you are doing anything in the Earth-Moon system that requires a lot of mass, the Moon is a better source than Earth. I’ve seen stories where they used unprocessed rock for shielding.

but as fused bricks - or in metal boxes? both approaches have their 
advantages and disadvantages, the bricks are simpler to make, but the 
metal boxes can be welded into place



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> It is highly unlikely there will ever be moon stations or settlements on
> Mars.  Unless perhaps they're treated the way China treats Tibet - the
> people sent there die, and more replacements are sent after them.  The high
> altitude seems to be worse for people whose ancestors weren't selected for
> it regardless of how much time is spent adjusting, and miscarriages are
> ubiquitous, but China isn't running out of people it's willing to spare.
> In any case, there aren't any resources on the Moon or Mars that would
> justify the difficulty and expense of manned stations.  Maybe Helium-3
> mining on the Moon would justify robotic mining operations, but I doubt it.
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