[LMB] Happy Birthday, Carol Botteron!

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Your request is unusual, but Arrangements have been Made.  En route, your ship diverts to Escobar, where you have an audience [and it is nothing less] with the original Durona, Lily herself.  Knowing your destination [how?], she wishes you to convey greetings and certain data to Baron Fell.  According to every simulations, he's a good candidate for the longevity treatment the Duronas have developed.  It won't make him any younger, but could give him many more active years.  Although their paths have diverged, you know that Baron Georish and Lily Durona were very important to each other for a long time.  She carefully shows you subtle movements and signs by which he'll know you, to hand over the data.  A discreet handshake will do.

Although Baron Fell wants to hide his interest in the treatment for self-defense, the treatment's so promising, you know the Arquas are going to find out about it.  Which explains why, when you arrive at their station, they're so very pleased to see you.  At the possibility of many more years for Haut Moira Ghem Estif [who's very intrigued improve on it, not that it shows], the Baronne's condescension edges perilously close to civility.  Shiv, more open, is just thrilled; he likes his mother-in-law.  

Her hair all grown back, once again the matriarch of a powerful house, Haut Moira Ghem Estif is set on gifting you with an experimental suit.  Made of lightweight, yet soft and flexible fabric, it seems mostly Komarran in design, but you know better than to ask too many questions.  It has many built-in features the Haut Moira explains to you in a private meeting.  Various stitches or embroidered designs detect certain types of weapons.  The fabric can change colors and density for a variety of terrains and activities, such as desert, jungle sports, sub-arctic temperatures, etc.  Built-in controls, woven into the fabric, allow almost endless variation in color and design.  From nostalgic fondness, you select an exotic colored pattern oddly reminiscent of Aral's favorite shirt to practice on, before settling on your final design for the occasion.  The fillet that goes with it is a model of understated elegance and also a vision adapter: night, infrared, ultraviolet, thermal, distant, even microscopic.  What other capabilities the suit may hold, you're not telling.

The Cordonahs host a reception for you.  Your escort for the evening is none other than Byerly Vorrutyer.  Although smirking a bit because they've made him dress in Time of Isolation garb [he does so love to flaunt], he remains his habitual urbane self.  His comments on the other guests, their attire, ambitions, and aspirations are as amusing as they are acerbic.  What other intrigues he's doubtless up to you resolutely refuse to know.  It's a delightful evening.  [An evening of no one asking for rescue or help is always so refreshing.]  The culmination of your evening is a performance by the full complement of the Jewels.  The variety, complexity, and sheer joy amaze and delight.

May your day be full of fun and good things.


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