[LMB] OT: Practice for terraforming Beta Colony on Earthly deserts.

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Tue Jun 15 15:40:37 BST 2021

Practice for terraforming Beta Colony on Earthly deserts.

Matt G. breaks hearts, declaring:

 >Colonize the Sahara, Gobi, Antarctica, and the
 >continental shelves.  Then talk to me about space.

I almost agree.  And were technical/engineering
challenges the only obstacles to colonization,
Matt's position would be unassailable.  Sadly, politics
make Space EASIER than any of those more accessible

Consider the politics of the many proposals to terraform
the Sahara by building a canal from the Mediterranean Sea
to the Qattara Depression.  A new inland sea would
lower sea Levels elsewhere. GOOD!  But water absorbs
more sunlight Than sand, so increases "global warming".
BAD! But clouds!  Uhmmm....!  More water And less desert
means more green stuff for Africa's wild animals. GOOD.
And for farmers and ranchers to feed more people. BAD.
(On the Theory that "more people" always means OVER-population.)
It's a giant "infrastructure" project that would
create jobs. GOOD! For brown and black skinned people.
UHmmmm !  It's pure 19th century engineering, no new
tech required.  GREAT! It would take lots of energy,
meaning fossil fuels, meaning more competition for
those fuels, meaning higher energy prices all over the
rest of the world -- AND higher CO2 emissions.  TERRIBLE!

Of the dozens of teams running hundreds of computer
"climate models" none have, I think, ever modeled the
effects of an inland sea in that location.     SAD!

In any case, attempting to "bust sod" and bring water
and plant seeds and wrest a profit from the land is
"colonization" which is completely condemned by all
correctly-taught political theorists.  We barely use the
term with regard to orbit or Luna or Mars lest we
bring unwanted attention to the projects.

Running one of Musk's super-heavy rockets back and
forth to Luna once-a-month starts to look pretty simple
by comparison. Particularly once he moves ground based
operations out of California. Work around the existing
regulatory constraints.  Bribe past a few others. Ignore
nearly all the rest of the nations of the world. And solve
a few petty little technical engineering wrinkles that
have bedeviled geniuses from Goddard to VonBraun to
Tsiolkovsky. No biggie, just takes months and money... And
a legacy from Steve Jobs:  the reality cloaking device
that makes investors see things that aren't there and
overlook other things that are. Easy peasy lemon squeazey.

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