[LMB] OT: Practice for terraforming Beta Colony on Earthly deserts.

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Wed Jun 16 05:05:13 BST 2021

If Elon Musk says,  "I'm going to colonize the Moon who's with me?" People
will give him the money. So there is capital available for a luner colony
especially if rare Earth minerals are up for grabs and if we develop
helium-3 reactors the demand to mine the Moon would triple.

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> Practice for terraforming Beta Colony on Earthly deserts.
> Matt G. breaks hearts, declaring:
>  >Colonize the Sahara, Gobi, Antarctica, and the
>  >continental shelves.  Then talk to me about space.
> I almost agree.  And were technical/engineering
> challenges the only obstacles to colonization,
> Matt's position would be unassailable.  Sadly, politics
> make Space EASIER than any of those more accessible
> Sites.
> Consider the politics of the many proposals to terraform
> the Sahara by building a canal from the Mediterranean Sea
> to the Qattara Depression.  A new inland sea would
> lower sea Levels elsewhere. GOOD!  But water absorbs
> more sunlight Than sand, so increases "global warming".
> BAD! But clouds!  Uhmmm....!  More water And less desert
> means more green stuff for Africa's wild animals. GOOD.
> And for farmers and ranchers to feed more people. BAD.
> (On the Theory that "more people" always means OVER-population.)
> It's a giant "infrastructure" project that would
> create jobs. GOOD! For brown and black skinned people.
> UHmmmm !  It's pure 19th century engineering, no new
> tech required.  GREAT! It would take lots of energy,
> meaning fossil fuels, meaning more competition for
> those fuels, meaning higher energy prices all over the
> rest of the world -- AND higher CO2 emissions.  TERRIBLE!
> Of the dozens of teams running hundreds of computer
> "climate models" none have, I think, ever modeled the
> effects of an inland sea in that location.     SAD!
> In any case, attempting to "bust sod" and bring water
> and plant seeds and wrest a profit from the land is
> "colonization" which is completely condemned by all
> correctly-taught political theorists.  We barely use the
> term with regard to orbit or Luna or Mars lest we
> bring unwanted attention to the projects.
> Running one of Musk's super-heavy rockets back and
> forth to Luna once-a-month starts to look pretty simple
> by comparison. Particularly once he moves ground based
> operations out of California. Work around the existing
> regulatory constraints.  Bribe past a few others. Ignore
> nearly all the rest of the nations of the world. And solve
> a few petty little technical engineering wrinkles that
> have bedeviled geniuses from Goddard to VonBraun to
> Tsiolkovsky. No biggie, just takes months and money... And
> a legacy from Steve Jobs:  the reality cloaking device
> that makes investors see things that aren't there and
> overlook other things that are. Easy peasy lemon squeazey.
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