[LMB] OT: Practice for terraforming Beta Colony on Earthly deserts.

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> Sadly, politics
> make Space EASIER than any of those more accessible
> Sites.

Not to bring American politics specifically into the matter:

Democracy, as a method for making wise decisions, has failed - whether
Representative or Direct.  Fascism has failed.  Communism has failed.
Socialism has failed - the states that come closest to actually being
socialist only function because they're not closed economic systems, and
sell high-value fossil fuels to other economies and then distribute the
resulting wealth.  There are no free markets really, but that doesn't
matter, because even limited markets have demonstrated that people can't
collectively make wise decisions on a large scale and long term, and the
people who get ahead mostly do so by pandering to the foolishness of the

Our political, economic, and social systems are all beginning to collapse.
Don't even get me started on our ecologies.

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