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 The translator was a die-hard red-diapered Communist (capitol letter intentional). He effectively re-wrote the story to make most of the 'good Guys' slimy b$$tards, as they were all right-of-Center; the 'villains' were turned into gleaming paragons of Proletariat virtue - Can't have anyone left-of-center being a bad guy, right?

When Pournelle encountered the translator, several years later, it almost turned into a fistfight, as Jerry was VERY displeased at what the translator had done - and the Translator was smiling and happy at the way he'd 'fixed' the text of a Fascist pro-military fairy tale into something that the Moscow Writer's society would admire.
The German Publisher was on the Translator's side... no apology, and not many royalty checks were mailed.

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>> Niven complained about the translation of “The Mercenary” into German changing the characters and the tone of the story.
> Wouldn’t that had been Pournelle?

Yes, and he didn't just complain, he was hoppin' mad.
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