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Yes, I agree with Matija Grabnar. For at least 200,000 years  we have been
a species of wanderers and explorers. We have settled in places people had
thought impossible to survive or thrive. And yet they did. Our very nature
is to push beyond the boundaries of our bodies, The reason people climb
Mount Everest, the reason why people dive below the ocean without oxygen.
Is the same reason people signed up to colonize Mars.

Alfred Tennyson said it the best, " To serve to strive and not to yield!"
We will eventually go there and stay if we succeed,  Great. If we fail then
we will learn from from our failures and try again. Humanity is nuts in
that way. But, a good nuts!

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> On 16/06/2021 05:46, Matthew George wrote:
> > There are no other baskets.  Space is immensely hostile, and we can't
> > survive in much more friendly environments than space.  Rather than
> > fantasizing about moving elsewhere, we'd do better to figure out how to
> > stop tearing the bottom out of the one basket we have.
> Oh, we know how to stop tearing the bottom out of the basket we have.
> It's just that some people are making good money out of tearing it out,
> and they want to continue.
> Should we stop tearing the bottom out of the basket we have? Absolutely!
> But we should also invest into technologies that will make it possible
> to move to the other baskets and make them more hospitable. It's not an
> either/or proposition.
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