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Sounds very like the mix I use for chutney except that also has ginger in it.   Two parts ginger to one part mixed spice, one part cinnamon, half a part ground cloves, some salt and pepper.    Some cooking apples, peeled cored and chopped; about the same mass of chopped white onion, some sultanas (depending on who I’m making it for, anything from a handful to three times that); a pint of pickling vinegar, a poind of sugar and about 3 pounds of whatever main fruit or veg I’m using for the chutney, add the spice mix, bring to the boil slowly stirring frequently till sugar is dissolved; cook at a simmer to boil for one hour.    Allow to cool, then pot in sterilised jars.

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I have a spice mix equal parts cinnamon, cloves, salt, pepper (well, less
pepper by popular request)  that I use over chicken buried in onions.
Delicious.  Makes the house smell great.

But now I need a no-meat no-fowl way of serving this spice mix.  (fish,
eggs, are ok)

Any ideas?

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