[LMB] OT: bad covers and much more

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You can NOT make this stuff up! Shakes head, howling.
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> The covers are pretty bad, some edging into
> horrible, but the author’s bio has to be seen to be believed.
> https://www.amazon.com/Gary-L.M.-Martin/e/B07JNLP7WK%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share

(looks) Wow. I especially like how, after beating up every other writer/fan
of other writer for many, many faults, he explains that his own books will
never be a financial success because he's so much better, you peasants. AND
one of his gripes about other writers is their lack of self-awareness. It's
in all caps at one point.

The general content was not unknown to me, though. In the spirit of being
unable to look away from a traffic accident, I belong to a Facebook group
called "Men are so confused about their current market value" which largely
features men's profiles from online dating services. Many of those profiles
hit the same points. There's a certain kind of person boiling with pent up
resentment (note 'person' not 'man') who cannot resist letting it rip when
they have a chance to write about themselves. Even when the writing they're
doing is supposed to make them appealing to others.
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