[LMB] OT: bad covers and much more

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 17 15:18:27 BST 2021

From: "Alex Y. Kwan" <litalex at gmail.com>

I came across this on twitter. The covers are pretty bad, some edging into
horrible, but the author?s bio has to be seen to be believed.
little Alex

Gwynne: I kept thinking, "This has to be a joke. It's just a sarcastic take on a certain
personality type. Nobody could really be...."  But I have a horrible feeling that it's
not sarcastic, it's real. Don't you hate that feeling of dawning horror when you realise
you haven't found a clever, sarcastic fellow spirit, you're gazing into the shallow end
of the pond.

As for the covers... wow. Can we call them retro?

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