[LMB] Centrifugal gravity, was Re: Cordelia's College sport

Katherine (Kathy) Collett kcollett at hamilton.edu
Thu Jun 17 20:02:47 BST 2021

On Jun 16, 2021, at 4:29 PM, Richard G. Molpus <rgmolpus at flash.net> wrote:
> To put that story in perspective, the reason most County seat cities in the western US are thirty miles apart was that 30 miles was abput as far as a one-horse wagon with a load could go in a day.
> A person can walk 60 miles in a day (16 hours) but they really need a night's sleep and a good meal, afterwards.

60 miles is probably stretching it for most people in most circumstances — 4 miles an hour for 16 hours? They’d have to be pretty fit.  I always find that the Roman legions’ standard 20 miles a day is a good rule of thumb — true, they had to break camp, march the 20 miles, then set up camp in the new location, but it’s probably a better estimate of what an ordinary person could do than most.


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