[LMB] OT: bad covers and much more

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The titles on some of his books are ahem! Profound.

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> On 17/06/2021 13:41, Louann Miller wrote:
> > (looks) Wow. I especially like how, after beating up every other
> writer/fan
> > of other writer for many, many faults, he explains that his own books
> will
> > never be a financial success because he's so much better, you peasants.
> > one of his gripes about other writers is their lack of self-awareness.
> It's
> > in all caps at one point.
> Not only that, but the twin hits of "You [other writers] are drek (sic)
> because you don't know what the people want"
> and "You [other writers] are bad because you got the people used to the
> bad stuff you write, so they are no longer even able to recognize how
> great my writing is, which is why I sell less than you"
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