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Back in the 1840s it took months to cross the US. Today in my car it would
take me 5 days from South Carolina to California. I could do it a day
earlier but I like to explore some spot.  Now I live in Nebraska so it
would take me about three days. Eventually what's happening here on Earth
will happen in space.

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> I have read that the wagon trains crossing the plains tried to average 20
> miles / day.
> I can’t remember where I heard it (possibly from a Heinlien book) but the
> first day they would go less than half that so
>   1.   They could get practice setting up the camp in a relatively secure
> area and
>   2.  They could get back to town to pick up things forgotten.
> Think of the advice Dag gave about the number of draft animals needed and
> the harnesses.
> Christian, husband, father, granddaddy, son, American. Here I stand. I can
> do no other. God help me.
> William A Wenrich
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> > To put that story in perspective, the reason most County seat cities in
> the western US are thirty miles apart was that 30 miles was abput as far as
> a one-horse wagon with a load could go in a day.
> > A person can walk 60 miles in a day (16 hours) but they really need a
> night's sleep and a good meal, afterwards.
> 60 miles is probably stretching it for most people in most circumstances —
> 4 miles an hour for 16 hours? They’d have to be pretty fit.  I always find
> that the Roman legions’ standard 20 miles a day is a good rule of thumb —
> true, they had to break camp, march the 20 miles, then set up camp in the
> new location, but it’s probably a better estimate of what an ordinary
> person could do than most.
> Katherine
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