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Fri Jun 18 03:41:03 BST 2021

On Thu, 17 Jun 2021, Raymond Collins wrote:
> Back in the eighties I had the job of writing a newsletter  and then make
> copies on a Gestetner mimeograph machine. The first time I used it I made
> every mistake in the book, first putting the stencil on backwards.
> Eventually I finished the job but when I took the stencil off the drum
> static electricity made my shirt attractive to the inked up stencil sheet
> which promptly stuck to my brand new shirt. Last year I was Secretary to my
> historical society. I used my laptop emailed the minutes to the printer in
> the museum and just pushed the button on the printer and voila Minutes.

I still remember the acrid smell of the red correcting liquid and the 
weird light blue print of the copies. We used it for our high school 
student newsletter.

When I got to university, the student newspaper was printed on offset and 
we had proper typesetting and headlining machines. OTOH, the base 
technologies for layout were wax and paper and exacto knives. And God help 
you if you cut a piece of typeset copy one line too short and then lost 
that thin little piece of paper!


Alayne McGregor
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