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Elizabeth Holden alzurite at gmail.com
Sat Jun 19 01:20:58 BST 2021

Harvey said:

> Gwynne, it is YOUR choice to live in Australia. Either move or shut up
> about it already.

Aww, c'mon,Harvey, don't be unkind. Those of us who see the perks and news
of American bounty don't have much of  a recourse except to vent. Let us
have our little fun with it while you are reading the good low-cost books.
I always like it when Gwynne says these things, because it's usually in my
head, too.

(Besides, one can't just choose to go live in another country. A hundred
years ago, maybe. Just try it now. There's not much that could tempt me to
live outside Canada, but if I had to... cheaply available books might be

What strikes me as really strange is that I get ads on Facebook (and other
media, and games) exhorting me to buy things from stores that don't exist
in Canada, and I always wonder why. They know where I live - they know
everything about me - you'd think they'd filter a little, and advertise
things that would actually be available to me.

And be warned: you can't buy a gift certificate from amazon.ca and send it
to someone in the US or the UK (or, presumably, Australia, but I didn't try
that).  Or, rather, you can, and they make it easy, but then the recipient
has to spend it in Canada, which is useless, because they aren't there. And
Amazon doesn't officially give refunds on gift cards, no matter how wrongly

I am often grumpy about international restrictions. Can you tell?


Elizabeth Holden <azurite at azurite.ca>


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