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>Gwynne: The most frustrating thing is that there's no reason for all the
>barriers. It's an online company, it's international; why can't it function
>properly? Why can't I buy an ebook from anywhere, instead of being
>limited for no real reason but businesses extorting money without
>providing any extra service? Why does some company have a right to
>grab an extra cut of money simply because of where I live, without doing
>anything to earn it? And why, in Elizabeth's example, can't we send a
>simple gift card to another country? It's all done online, there's no reason
>for the limitations.
>Yes, it makes us all grumpy!
Gwynne, I do not believe that Amazon is to blame in this case. It is the 
publisher (which in many cases, may be Amazon), but the publisher owns 
the intellectual rights to the publication and they may grant 
geographically limited rights to offer discount. There was a whole 
string of case law several years ago with numerous publishers refusing 
to sell to Amazon because they insisted on setting the prices for the 
publications. The publishers were spurred on by numerous other book 
sellers, and finally Amazon caved and agreed to the publishers 
controlling pricing and availability of ebooks.


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