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> On Jun 19, 2021, at 10:03, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Gwynne: I think most people realise that moving to another country is rarely a
> completely simple action. Depending on the country, of course. In Europe it's a
> lot simpler, in some places it's way more difficult. At the moment it's basically

Having moved from Hong Kong to the US, back to HK and now back to the US, I concur.

> And that doesn't even start to consider selling the house, and winnowing the
> contents, farewelling family and friends - for a very long time at least, if not

I’m still unhappy about all the books I ended up having to throw away moving to another country thrice. Yes, I’m a very, very bad book lover. This is pretty much why I stick to only e-books these days.

> forever. Tying up all insurances, government forms, etc. Transferring funds.
> And THEN the joys of finding somewhere to live, buying a home, dealing AGAIN
> with government red tape...

Yeah, I’m still amazed that my mom always managed to find a new and great place to live in, no matter where we moved.

> line and you're in another country. A bit more complicated when it requires
> planes, goods sent by sea, and whatever else is needed.

This time we just mailed all the boxes of various things through surface mail. Somehow everything has arrived safely. Which is downright a miracle, considering we moved during Covid time.

> So... not moving.

Yep, totally don’t recommend it. I know I kept describing how I did move, but the success of the whole process was purely due to my mom, who’s very, very used to moving. I grew up moving house every two years on average. Truly, I think my mom is at the level of Tsipis.

little Alex

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