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>> On Jun 19, 2021, at 1:09 PM, Alex Kwan <litalex at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Having moved from Hong Kong to the US, back to HK and now back to the US, I concur.
>> I’m still unhappy about all the books I ended up having to throw away moving to another country thrice. Yes, I’m a very, very bad book lover. This is pretty much why I stick to only e-books these days.

> On Jun 19, 2021, at 15:20, Howard Brazee <howard at brazee.net> wrote:
> Do you have any problems with unbroken e-books moving from country to country?   As in does Amazon know that you have legal copies purchased in different countries?

It wasn’t a problem in Hong Kong because I think publishers care more about the translated-into-Chinese rights in mainland China and Taiwan, and Amazon China is sorta in limbo. I was able to read the American versions of Kindle books, after using my HK credit card to buy them. And so far I’ve been able to read the books wherever I am. I mean, HK has always been an in-between place; back before the foreign chain bookstores shut down their HK branches, they sold both British and American books.

It was however a problem with Amazon Prime Video, because I couldn’t watch any of their movies/videos while in Hong Kong — I had to have an American credit card (or an American IP address, I could never figure out).

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