[LMB] General rules for Governments

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Sun Jun 20 04:22:25 BST 2021

From: Pouncer <pouncer at aol.com>

In canon, the Beta Colony Population Control Board deals
with the "Average" family of 2-point-something offspring
by awarding some individuals a "third child variance".  Each
adult citizen is entitled and expected to be progenitor to
one child.  And the PCB insists on each progenitor identifying
a "Co-Parent".  So a population unit to the PCB is a
statistical concept with two certified/qualified adults
and two-point-something minor-children (required to be
educated, socialized, etc.)  First problem: maybe an
original co-parent feels it's unfair to be asked to assist
in raising a partner's "awarded third" child.  *You helped
with mine, I helped with your first, but I'm NOT on the
hook for your second!*

Gwynne: The children aren't clones, they have input from two
parents. So really each person has a right to two halves. And
if another child is awarded, it's probably given to both parents
as a team.

Next what happens when three or
four adults decide to form a home and enjoy having one
to two kids around -- leaving the PCB and Betan society
two kids short?

Gwynne: The Board probably monitor the birth rate, and
simply award a few more extras than usual if the rate has dropped.
Considering Cordelia's attitude to having more children, there's
probably plenty of applicants who'd go for a third if they were

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