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>From context, “scrimped and saved for” seems to indicate that third child variances can be bought. Large families could be conspicuous consumption. It might go a long way towards funding the government.
Considering Cordelia’s reaction on coming to Barrayar, her instant desire for a large family, which didn’t change over the next 30 years, demographics on Beta are likely different.
Economically, if children are an asset and there is a limit on how many children you can raise (birth permits or high mortality) people will want to have more children. In the current situation in Western societies, children are not considered an asset.

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Another thought is what criteria does the board use to award a family a
extra child?

Gwynne: Excellent service in the Betan Astronomical Survey; long government
service; high scores and outstanding work academically; high-ranked diplomats;
being rich; winning a ticket in a lottery (luck is useful, and it gives everybody a
chance and some hope); doing something heroic.

Probably a mix of reasons; some earned it by long and faithful service, some by
something high-profile and heroic, some pulled a few strings due to their wealth
and influence. And some were random name-out-of-a-hat to give the rank and
file a bit of hope.
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