[LMB] General rules for Governments

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>  > 2.All laws were made in the past for different circumstances and
>  > are never perfectly applicable to the present.
> In the lag between the need (or a corrupt desire) for a law being
> identified and the law itself being published, the circumstances
> will have changed.
> The more general problem with "general rules" is that they ARE,
> as described, "general". ...

>  Next what happens when three or
> four adults decide to form a home and enjoy having one
> to two kids around -- leaving the PCB and Betan society
> two kids short? Then we have the Dubaurer situation:
> he's been mentally disabled due to nerve disrputor, BUT
> he has great genes, still hale family members, and retains
> his constitutional right to one genetic decendent. Now the
> PCB has to find or approve two co-parents-by-proxy for
> the one progenitor...   The Betan government has taken upon
> itself a HUGE administrative task (and commensurate tax
> burden)  that most cultures can safely leave to individuals
> to work out for themselves, for free.  (Or for the
> cost of mere heartache -- which cost Betans, like
> Cordelia, are not spared even with the PCB in overwatch.)

Poor Debauer.  Never thought of how he fits into the Betan's 1-parent
1-child rule.


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