[LMB] OT: Practice for terraforming Beta Colony on Earthly deserts.

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There’s evidence that some of the Native American (I still hate the term but I don’t have an alternative that won’t get me in trouble.) tribes switched from farming to a nomadic lifestyle as soon as they got horses.

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Beatrice Otter suggests:

 > people didn't believe it possible that human industry could change
 > the climate for the worst, because (European-Style) Agriculture is
 > Progress  and Progress Is Always Good (see point 1).

An alternate view is that the sod-busters, and in particular European
immigrants encouraged to move to the US Mid-West and turn prairie to
farm land, were doing so in response to, uhm, settled science.  "The
rain follows the plow". Wikipedia reports:

  The basic premise of the theory was that human habitation and
agriculture through homesteading effected a permanent change in the
climate of arid and semi-arid regions, making these regions more humid.
The theory was widely promoted in the 1870s as a justification for
the settlement of the {US} Great Plains, a region previously known as
the "Great American Desert". It was also used to justify the expansion
of wheat growing on marginal land in South Australia during the same


The idea that industrial human activity changes the climate is a lot
older than Paul Erlich, Earth Day, and 1970.

The {climate scientists'} theory was based on faulty evidence arising
from brief climatological fluctuations that happened to coincide with
settlement, an example of the logical fallacy that correlation means
causation. The theory was later refuted by climatologists and is now
definitively regarded as pure superstition.

History gives one great confidence in the contemporary theories of C02
as the pre-eminent determining factor in modern long-range
forecasting, does it not?

Ms Otter, again:
 > As for shrinking the deserts, pretty much every project (proposed or
 > actual) I have heard about is to reclaim land that deserts took
 > because of human-made climate change.

I failed to engage Matt George in a discussion of exploiting
the Qattara Depression. But try, try again:


The basis was never particularly fertile but with mere 19th
century (Panama Canal level) tech, it could be changed. For
better or worse...

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