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The Pretender?

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Ok folks, here's a challenge.

There's an ad on TV at the moment, and one of the women triggered
a memory of a show I used to watch. It's like an irritating earworm;
I can't remember enough about it to recall the show properly, I just
keep getting that little trigger of memory nagging at me. I need to
resolve it.

I'm hoping this rings a bell with somebody here.

Ten, fifteen years ago (or more?) A TV show. SF-ish. The male lead -
tall dark and toothsome - had been bred in a lab. The kindly old
professor who raised him was actually one of the people who made
him. Details about it came out bit by bit as the show went on. But he
was basically owned by the lab, kept prisoner and used for certain
missions - he was a prototype for a super-operative, or something.

The female lead was a top executive of the company that owned him.
Very curt and aggressive, daddy was one of the owners, she was
ruthless, always dressed (totally inappropriately) in short skirts and
high heels, looking very high-maintenance, with a squad of henchmen
to hench for her.

Eventually she found out the truth about the company, and teamed up
with the male lead to sort it out. Or something.

I can't remember the names of either of the actors. Or the show. I can
see some of it, but can't put names to it, and it's an irritating itch. Does it
ring a bell with anyone?
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