[LMB] 5GU holy days recapped

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Do the Gods have a realm where they interact?

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> To recap --
> The parts of the 5GU we've seen so far have four major holy days at the
> solstices and equinoxes, where the gods hand over Their reigns (or
> reins) to each other in turn; and four minor ones exactly halfway in
> between each major one, honoring the god(ess) of its quarter at the
> apex.  The mid-period Spring holiday for the Daughter was iirc the one
> where Ista and her party stopped for the county fair.  The Father's
> falls on Groundhog Day, also given to the Bastard in Roknari lands (a
> day of fasting and staying in nervously.)  The mid-Summer holiday,
> sheltered in His Mother's season, is commonly given to the Bastard in
> other lands.  I don't think we've had occasion to visit the mid-Autumn
> one, but it's there.  So at least 8 holidays in the year's round, plus
> more purely local events -- saints' days and what-not -- scattered about
> q.s.
> Ta, L.
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