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On 6/22/21 10:18 AM, Mark Goldfield wrote:
> My wife and I have been executors for 2 estates, and helped several friends with others, and it is much more complicated if there are any assets that are not covered by a will or a designated beneficiary.

Some advice for others who end up as executors for an estate: You do not 
have to do all of it yourself. You can pay, or have the estate pay a law 
firm to handle it, or just parts of it, for you. Their staff will get 
the 15 notarized copies, find the lost documents, deal with the nagging 
debt collectors, etc.

If you're making a will you may want to consider this up front. Instead 
of asking an already grieving relative to handle your affairs, make 
arrangements with a lawyer or law firm to be your executor.

Choose one you can trust of course. It can be easy for a lawyer to spend 
any existing assets on the lawyer's fees.

Oh yeah, and some advice unrelated to lawyers: Use a password manager 
for your Internet passwords. Write down the password for that and put it 
in a sealed envelope in a bank box or with a trusted person. Encrypt it 
if you think they will remember to "Add two to every number." Also write 
down your smart phone's PIN code so they can get into your two-factor 
accounts, if you use your phone for that.

Having all of the accounts and access credentials at hand is easy 
instead of going through the extremely tedious process of unlocking them 
through tech support calls. And then there's the accounts that get very 
sticky about access after death, like e-books and Steam games. Some of 
these accounts are "not transferable" but the companies don't seem to 
care if the account continues to be used by someone else as long as no 
one rubs their face in a death certificate forcing them to close the 

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