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Thanks, but I am a hermit and a will would require finding witnesses and 
that is a bother. I keep and maintain a list of all required accounts 
and such and my sister regularly gets a copy. She has been made joint on 
my bank accounts and has my passwords to other things. My affairs are 
real simple and the will is too much bother.


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>What Marc said.
>Steph's affairs were simple, but it's still being a lot of work. My brother
>has been in contact with a lawyer, and we can't do anything about her
>effects for about 3 weeks, Credit cards need to be cancelled, bank accounts
>closed, social security contacted - all those will need their own copy of
>an official death certificate. When a friend's husband died,she wound up
>needing 15 official, notarized copies of his death certificate. And,
>importantly, pets need to be taken care of and homes found if necessary.
>And really, you should have a list of people who should be contacted. We're
>having to go through Steph's friend list on Facebook to determine who to
>tell and how to contact them.
>Don't make things harder for your sister and nieces than they need to be.
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>>  >Well, I do not plan to bother with a will. There really is no one other
>>  >than my sister and two nieces. I do have a durable power of attorney
>>  >enabling her to make medical decisions, but a full will is too complex.
>>  It's so complex that you can get a kit for about 25 bucks to do it
>>  yourself, if your affairs are simple.
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