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I don;t know what the law is where you are;  but (Lord forbid) if your sister should predecease you or die very shortly afterwords or in the same accident, who would know what to do?   And would there be an automatic legatee of last resort if there was nobody sufficiently closely related?  In the UK, if there is no will and no spouse and no offspring and no relatives closer than first cousin, then the lot goes to the Crown.  Could your estate go to the State?

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Thanks, but I am a hermit and a will would require finding witnesses and
that is a bother. I keep and maintain a list of all required accounts
and such and my sister regularly gets a copy. She has been made joint on
my bank accounts and has my passwords to other things. My affairs are
real simple and the will is too much bother.


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>What Marc said.
>Steph's affairs were simple, but it's still being a lot of work. My brother
>has been in contact with a lawyer, and we can't do anything about her
>effects for about 3 weeks, Credit cards need to be cancelled, bank accounts
>closed, social security contacted - all those will need their own copy of
>an official death certificate. When a friend's husband died,she wound up
>needing 15 official, notarized copies of his death certificate. And,
>importantly, pets need to be taken care of and homes found if necessary.
>And really, you should have a list of people who should be contacted. We're
>having to go through Steph's friend list on Facebook to determine who to
>tell and how to contact them.
>Don't make things harder for your sister and nieces than they need to be.
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>>  >Well, I do not plan to bother with a will. There really is no one other
>>  >than my sister and two nieces. I do have a durable power of attorney
>>  >enabling her to make medical decisions, but a full will is too complex.
>>  It's so complex that you can get a kit for about 25 bucks to do it
>>  yourself, if your affairs are simple.
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