[LMB] 5GU holy days recapped

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Wed Jun 23 05:07:01 BST 2021

Beatrice Otter <beatrice_otter at zoho.com> wrote:
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>> I *am* inclined to wonder about why the Father gave so many gifts to 
>> the Golden General, in a war that would have had the result of erasing 
>> worship and respect given to the Bastard.  And there are the demons' 
>> yokes in _Paladan of Souls_ that had been "stolen" from the gods -- how 
>> did that happen? 
> The question is, how much do the gods need/care about being worshiped or
> respected? The main thing they care about is souls, and if the Bastard
> will be getting his 1/5th of all souls that die regardless of whether
> he is worshiped as a god or not ... then they may not care much about
> quintarianism vs. quadrenism.

The Bastard's Order puts a lot of focus on finding and eliminating
stray elementals before they transfer over to people, and we've heard
about and seen several saints of the Bastard whose special gift was
to take demons out of the world.  The former could perhaps be done by
functionaries of other gods' Temples, but the latter looks like it's
pretty exclusive to the Bastard's Order.   The Golden General's only
option for trying to exorcise Joen's demon was to try to seize such a
saint once he'd overrun Chalion.

That the Bastard's Order does have that focus suggests to me that it's
generally undesirable for that job not to get done.


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