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> The question is, how much do the gods need/care about being worshiped or respected? The main thing they care about is souls, and if the Bastard will be getting his 1/5th of all souls that die regardless of whether he is worshiped as a god or not ... then they may not care much about quintarianism vs. quadrenism.

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AFAIK there is no texev that the deities share of souls are even. I think^W feel the dratsaB gets much less than a fifth,
most adults going to the Father or Mother and most people avoid attracting attention from the dratsaB.

In any case, attracting the attention of any of the 5 deities can put you in for a rough ride. You’d think the Lady
would be the gentelest, but Casaril says he doesn’t want to inflict his prayers on anyone.

Beatrice Otter:

Quote from "The Orphans of Raspay"

Lencia swallowed and said, “The demon god isn’t allowed to sign at a Quadrene funeral.”

“A fifth of the time, that ought to be a problem."

So, according to Penric, the Bastard gets 1/5 of all souls, even in Quadrene lands. Also, why would you think the Lady would be the gentlest? Young girls and women can be absolutely *vicious*. And feral. It's just less socially acceptable than for boys to be such, so it tends to get hidden/covered over. Which only gives it time to ferment.

Beatrice Otter

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