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The Roman's had pretty good ships but for the most part they were designed
for the Mediterranean sea. But theoretically they could have crossed the
Atlantic if they got lucky weather wise. And of course there were the
natives who may or may not have been  all that friendly. There may have
been contact but I doubts it was two way. Of course DNA evidence has
surprised us on the west coast of South America and on some Polynesian

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> >> The Romans didn't have the tech to cross the Atlantic, and if they'd
> >> somehow managed it,
> > that is very much debateable. Thor Heyerdahl showed that pre-roman Egypt
> > would have had the necessary tech for a one way crossing of the atlantic
> >
> >> they would have been a horror.
> > yes - mostly for the illnesses they would have brought with them ..
> >
> > otoh they most likely would not have been able to exploit the "window of
> > opportunity" opened by these illnesses
> We know that medieval Norsemen from Iceland managed it; the lack in
> their case was sufficient political organisation to reinforce the few
> settlements - maybe only one - in Newfoundland. Their knorrs were better
> adapted to the North Atlantic than Roman cargo ships would have been.
> But they were weeks of sea time away from Greenland, more weeks away
> from Iceland, and even more weeks away from their old homeland in Norway
> which was being ravaged by internecine war off and on for at least a
> century.
> I can imagine a cohort of legionary troops in 10 or 15 knerrir, but the
> chances of all of them making the voyage intact are next to nil.
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