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How did Roman ships in their heyday compare to the later Viking ships? Of course, the Vikings had a much easier route, island-hopping all the way. It doesn't show on a Mercator map, but get one centered on the North Pole, and it stands out strongly. 

Beatrice Otter:

Roman ships were mostly built to travel the Mediterranean, which is a much calmer sea than the Atlantic Ocean. You could build a ship that was big and fairly flimsy and didn't handle very well (but which carried a lot of cargo) and it would usually still get where it was going. Viking ships were mostly built to travel the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, both of which are very rough, which means you need hardier ships. So they were smaller, with a lot less cargo space, but much sturdier and handled much better.

Of course, the important question is actually how sturdy the *Egyptian* boats were, because there are Egyptian mummies with traces of cocaine in them.

Beatrice Otter

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