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> > The Greeks & Romans had a lot of nature spirits to go along with the
> super
> powered crew on Olympus.  They had trickster gods.  They might have had
> more overlap than you think.

The Romans stole the religious paraphernalia of the surrounding people,
brought them back to Rome, and installed them in their own temples.  To
demoralize their opponents, and convince the gods that they were better off
supporting the Romans.  One of the reasons they had so much trouble with
the Germanic tribes was that much of their worship was centered around
sacred groves which couldn't be looted, only burned down.  (And of course
the Jews forbade representation of their god, which is part of why the Jews
rebelled and Jerusalem was destroyed.)

I can just see the Romans trying to ship stone statues across the

> Romans: Pay your taxes.
> NA: Taxes, what are those?  What's tribute?

Certainly by the time of the Spanish invasion, the Aztecs understood taxes
and tribute, particularly the kind involving ownership of humans.  And
counterfeiting:  archaeologists have uncovered fake cocoa beans that
weren't identified as clay imitations until they tried to analyze them.
The Mayans also understood tribute very, very well.

First Contact would have been one monstrous society against another.

Matt G.

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