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My husband and I are both fully vaccinated, and using masks much less often
-- basically for indoor shopping and medical appointments only, and we
would wear them if visiting someone indoors at their house. We have an
ample supply of disposable masks, generally used once, and some cloth masks
that are used very infrequently. I keep a couple in my car and our truck.

I will be working in the office once a week starting just after the July
4th holiday, and taking the train and subway to Boston. I started the job
in August, and have only been to the office once, for a software upgrade
that could not be done over VPN. Charmingly enough, I can see the back of
the Green Monster at Fenway Park baseball stadium from my cube! I
still haven't met any of my coworkers in person. The MBTA is still
requiring masks of all passengers and drivers, but I'm not sure how well
that is enforced. Masks will be required at the office.

I don't think we're out of the COVID woods yet -- I'm waiting to see what
the fall will bring, and hearing reports of bad outbreaks of the Delta
variant in parts of the US where vaccination rates are low.


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> >There are people who don't wash their mask after each use? ??
> It would seem so.
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