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I‘be seen a lot of things on the media about IQ tests that I find ridiculous. 
Two characters take the test and one scores two points higher and must now be considered the smarter of the two. 
A person scores high and changes their personality, actions, and opinions on everything. 
One test is considered a definitive measure of whatever it is that IQ tests are supposed to measure. 
Personally I have taken at least ten IQ tests and have a full standard deviation between my lowest and highest test. 

Beatrice Otter:

Personally, I have never taken an IQ test, and know enough about them to know that they are so much bullshit. (Nobody has yet managed to create a test doesn't test culture and class at least as much as it does intelligence--different cultures and different classes encourage and promote different sets of knowledge and types of problem-solving, which means that if the test you take is geared to your culture and experience, you'll do much better than if it isn't, and if you try to compare scores with someone from a different culture or class, there is no meaningful indication of which is smarter than the other.)

However, my baby brother took an IQ test when he was diagnosed with autism at age 3. The thing is, at that age, IQ tests are mostly based on how well the child cooperates with the person administering the test. And the thing about autism is that one of the main symptoms is a difficulty picking up social cues and responding "appropriately." Which means that it's an absolutely *terrible* way of measuring intelligence in autistic children. He didn't understand what the evaluator wanted him to do, and was frustrated because he'd been getting tested for various things all day and so he didn't cooperate. So they decided that he must have an IQ of somewhere in the 60s. No, he doesn't have an intellectual disability and never has had one--he was just confused and frustrated and didn't want to "play" the "game" the evaluator was trying to get him to do!

Beatrice Otter

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