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As far as I’m concerned, IQ tests measure the ability to take IQ tests.
Does anyone remember the case of Carrie Buck? She was an uneducated fourteen year old who was raped. She was later sterilized by the state because she scored below average on an IQ test. She later, after being educated, was found to have a normal IQ. The SCOTUS ruled that the state had a right to sterilize her.

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William A Wenrich
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> I‘be seen a lot of things on the media about IQ tests that I find ridiculous.

One thing that bothers me (with so many people) is that someone gets 69 on an IQ test, he’s handicapped, but if he gets 70, then he’s just stupid.

(I always had the ability to score far above my real intelligence in tests such as SAT & GRE.  I took advantage of that but didn’t believe it meant much)
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