[LMB] OT: Backups using My Book Live

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>This is not the cloud, this is a local device, controlled from the cloud.
>Since it is a local device, it can give one a false sense of security. But it's controlled through the cloud, and that makes it more vulnerable.
>Ordinarily, I'd trust a local single-disk device less than I'd trust a paid cloud storage (and I'd trust paid cloud storage less than I would trust a local RAID device) simply because single disks fail, and unless you're paying attention, you won't catch it in time to copy it to a good disk in time before it fails for good. Even if you are paying attention, sometimes disks just die. And sometimes multiple disks in a RAID die at the same time. Proper cloud services have multiple level of redundancy and people who monitor the state of hardware full time. But read the terms of use carefully, make sure you know what they guarantee and what they don't.
>I was about to write several more paragraphs, but I realized this is not the place. Suffice it to say, no backup solution is foolproof, they all involve expense, and taking care, and even then they can bite you when you need them the most.

I have been using Backblaze, a cloud service, for many years, and I have 
been quite happy with them.


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