[LMB] Happy Birthday, Dan Reitman!

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Sat Jun 26 15:45:39 BST 2021

For your special day, you're going to Clearcreek.  There's nothing like sun slipping up over the water, slow as slow, spreading colors like a flood of bedding, to wake the world.  You savor the [thanks to Dag] bug-free morning coolth and solitude.  Although the chirrups kind of blend together, you can even identify some of the bird noises.  As you help prepare breakfast [you flip a pretty mean flapjack], you carefully scope out the available fixins.  The variety of butters, honeys, jams, preserves, and fresh fruits available for your delectation is impressive.  It's not long before you're as thoroughly sated as impressed.

There're lots of preparations to be made for the day's feast.  You're offered to join some of the berrying parties, but you remember the claws on the berries that infest your own coast.  You volunteer to keep the youngsters entertained while the more dangerous part of preparation is going on.  Folks look relieved; is it for you getting the kids out of the way, or for the kids getting you out of the way for a while?

Food during the day is kind of catch-as-catch-can, in between everyone's preparations.  You do a heroic job keeping the middle-sized kids together and busy for several hours, planning their own surprise.  Astonishingly, no one comes to see what the noise is about.  

When delicious smells begin to entice and intrigue, folks gather, on makeshift tables, chairs, groundcloths.  When everyone is assembled, you ask for their attention and call your cohort forth to perform.  Each child produces some way to make noise, whether whistle or percussion, and they all begin to sing the new song you've rehearsed.  They're surprisingly on-beat.  When the singing starts, Dag sort of shrinks into himself, afraid it's yet another embarrassing song about him.  He's relieved when it's a merry song about scurrilous doings going down the river, something about fish and sheep?  At which Fawn and Whit look sort of fish-slapped, but everyone else laughs and laughs.  You've won yourself some crowd favor and some of the choicest bits of dinner and dessert.

You enjoy the best of both, as the feast and bowdown proceed.  You're popular in the dancing, both to teach and to learn.  You also find some quiet time to chat and catch up with old friends, Fawn's latest child or Whit's latest bargain.  Good food, good company, merriment, and laughter round out your day.

May your day be full of good things.


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