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>> Yes.  As an archivist, I’m not happy with solutions that involve
>> destroying the paper originals and rely on digitized copies stored …
>> somewhere.  That said, one archival solution is LOCKSS — Lots Of Copies
>> Keep Stuff Safe.  Store important things in many different places.
> I hear you, and I love that acronym. As the owner of a Western Digital
> external hard drive, this piece of news alarmed me. But mine is a much
> newer HD, different model, not internet accessible. I'm a great one for
> redundant backups, especially for irreplaceable things like family photos.
> Footnote: in as much as it was practiced, partially and without
> organization, the LOCKSS principle is why while the fall of Rome was
> incredibly nasty for western civilization, it was not as bad as the various
> Library of Alexandria fires. We're pretty sure. How would we know?

We have some idea of what survived the fall of Rome. But much is known to be missing:

Only 1/4 of Livy’s _Ab Urbe Condita Libri_ (History of Rome) survived (his other works are missing).

About half of volumes of Tacitus’s _Histories_ and _Annals_ have survived.

While Pliny’s _Naturalis Historia_ (37 volumes) has survived, nothing else of his has.

Note that these 3 works should had been widely copied.

Also note the Roman entries in <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost_literary_work#Classical_world>

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