[LMB] Happy Birthday, Nancy Barber!

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Sun Jun 27 10:59:56 BST 2021

You begin your day by shopping with Idrene in the cool of morning, when everything’s at its freshest.  She knows exactly what she’s looking for and has planned the most efficient route that begins with things that are further away and can be delivered and ends with things closer to home that can be carried in a variety of bundles.  Bargaining is merry but quick, helped along with unexpected [but very welcome] help from you.  Shrewd eyes beam approval.

By the time you return home, Nikys is awake [that second pregnancy makes her a bit sluggish in the morning] and has the kitchen laid out in readiness.  Next ensues an amazingly organized flurry of peeling, chopping, grilling, boiling, frying.  As military wives, these ladies know their business, and do it efficiently, with your able [and awed] assistance.  Still, there’s time for sampling, tasting, adding bits of this and that, interspersed with chat about the various vendors, what they’re stocking or hoping to stock, their families, etc.  

Penric ambles in [a rather rapid amble, once delectable aromas begin to pervade the house].  It’s superb timing, as you’re beginning to set out and arrange all manner of delectable things.  Pen hastens to help, Des making an acerbic comment about how this work is much more interesting than what they’ve been doing all morning.  She’s rather merry for the respite.

Then you all enjoy the good things, most in form of small, easily nibbled shapes, with lots of dips & dressings, cheeses, and yogurts.  There’s the most amazing salad, with the crunch of nuts, almost bitter crispness of greens, sweet burst of fruit, and even some raw vegetables.  Several of your favorite seafoods round out the board.  Gossip and good cheer abound.

Repletion is followed by a siesta in the shade.  Idrene departs with a gloating grin of gleeful grandmotherly greed.  Soon, distant splashes and squeals of happy, clean toddler are heard.  Intermittent conversation ebbs and flows, on all sorts of topics: travels, trips, tips, tricks, even ghost stories with actual ghosts.  Knowing this family, the most unlikely tales are likely the truest.

After a gorgeous sunset, more stars than you’d remembered existed come out.  Clouds move in, and a light rain begins, sufficient to enjoy from under cover, but not enough to impede lively conversation.  Cooled by a refreshing breeze, you enjoy superb sorbets and cuddly cats.  The thunder is muted and far away, but the lightning show is superb.

May your day be lots of fun.


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