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You're spending the day in and around Bonsanklar, on the coast.  As you fly in, your pilot turns, giving you an incredible view over an expansive panorama of ocean [purple?  or was that indigo?], beach, town, forest, and mountains.  Afire with anticipation, you long to experience them all.  The scenery being too splendid to limit yourself to walking through it, you go to the livery stable to select a mount and hopeful of a friendly guide.  Admittedly, wishes are sometimes granted, but so soon?  Who to your wondering eyes should appear, but Professora Vorthys just getting saddled up.  I'm not sure who was more gleeful at the meeting.  She explains that the Professor is "being efficient," as he calls it.  In other words, sleeping in.  She wanted to enjoy the fresh morning, and is delighted to find such congenial company.  As you ride through the virgin forest, she details some of the planned development and careful mix of the forest.  The view from the nearest mountaintop is spectacular, as is the lunch she brought.  [Won't the professor be sorry he missed it?]  Over lunch, you make plans for the rest of the day.

After returning the well-behaved mounts to the livery stable and arranging for their care, it's off to the beach.  The sun is gentle on your faces, and the sand crunchy but resilient underfoot.  There's even a carefully roped-off section of water to swim in.  Closer to the beach, it's more azure and turquoise.  During the pleasant paddle and floating about, she asks your help.  Duv, poor fellow, has been dragooned [by Vor dragon, belike] to give a workshop on historic research and is rather chartreuse about the whole thing.  Pirates, terrorists, even Vorkosigans, sure, but a room of [hopefully] book-minded women?  She asks you to come as another friendly face.  Crogglement is always amusing, and benevolence rewarding.  

After a restful nap on a lounger in abundant shade, you freshen up and meet the Professora at the workshop.  Not only is she helping Duv give it, she's also seeded the audience with you and other ringers, so it passes off very well.  You actually come away with an abundance of ideas for your next fanfic [a very fine gift for one and all].  The professor having emerged at last, it's time for a stroll along the esplanade, to savor the splendid sunset.  There's a leisurely examination of some quaint buildings and quirky shops and then dinner in the superlative restaurant the professor found.  "The benefits of research!" he booms, to general amusement.  Wine and conversation flow as freely as the mountain waterfall you saw in the morning, and is just as lovely.

>From your seats at the restaurant [on a deck over the ocean], you enjoy an unsurpassed view of the fireworks, which are every bit as superb as Aral's childhood memory of them.

May your day be filled with all your favorite delights.


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