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I believe the author mentioned that it was used in tanning leather as well. So there would be a huge demand for Roman urine. 

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no - the romans diid collect a lot piss .. among other things it was used to bleach fabrics as well as a mordant for dieing of fabrics

so putting up amphoras to piss into at street corners and other places was not unknown ..



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> > That and stirrups for cavalry. Also penicillin and he was working on gunpowder. (I believe the last may have involved the Roman piss pots. I recall they were part of one invention but cannot remember if it was gunpowder.)
> Well, saltpeter can be produced from manure, and it is one of the
> ingredients of gunpowder, so that tracks. However, going from the
> Roman's sewer system to piss pots seems a step back. Wouldn't collecting
> at the exhaust of the sewer be simpler and more efficient?
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