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Mon Jun 28 01:14:44 BST 2021

> There are tests at least a 120 years. And surely a lot of them had major faults, like cultural faults and being about common knowledge. But by now they are, from an age of about 12 years reasonably trustworthy. As far as it predicts intelligence and only intelligence. 
> A real psychology test should be supervised by a psychologist. Most common is the WAIS for adults and WISC, Wechslers scales with standard deviations of 16.
> IQ ‘s of 184 do not exist, only in movies.

Wechslers tests top out around 160 but the Standford-Binet goes higher, off the top of my head, around 200. It’s the test to use when testing highly and profoundly gifted people.

No true IQ test has a reading component. All have sections that are non-verbal. I recall that there was a test developed for deaf kids (and adults) that involved folding paper.

> As far as I know there are tests with standard deviation from 16 - 20 - and 24 points.
> So you can  not compare the outcome in numbers from one test to another.
> IQ from a WAIS can be 132 and will equal 148 on another test.

A while back they reworked the WISC and WAIS, majorly changing equivalents and cut-offs. This created problems for kids whose scores now fell below entry levels for programs that they would, on earlier tests, have been eligible for. It took a few years for the programs to catch up.

As I said earlier, IQ test results are a game of statistics. Differences of a few points are irrelevant, but for any of a number of reasons, large differences do indicate something of significance.

Janet in TN

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