[LMB] 5GU holy days recapped

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Tue Jun 29 12:43:42 BST 2021

From: WalterStuartBushell <proto at panix.com>

Medical sorcerers would belike be suitable for both Mother and the dratsaB,
and woman lawyers might well divide between Mother and Father.
I think the deities have trouble finding hosts that can function after direct contact.

Gwynne: Many of the characters who faced a god seem to become devoted
to that god. Caz is totally devoted to the Daughter, and expects to go to her
when he dies - although she's doesn't have the most obvious affinity for him.
But he's hers, heart and soul.

Most people would qualify for a couple of gods - do you choose gender, life
status or occupation? For many people one feature would be the primary
one, for others... we just don't know. The gods see what's in the heart, I
suppose. They don't seem to be in conflict or competition with each other,
in fact they work together pretty well; we see so many cases where one
person works for several gods at different times, or one god's person (like
Penric) works for another god (as when he sorts out the shamans.)

How do the gods communicate with each other? We'll never understand
that, I suppose. I imagine them all sitting on a terrace in a beautiful garden,
sipping the bevvy of their choices while swapping stories and reporting on
how their latest plans are going.

Probably not how it happens.

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